Monday, September 1, 2008

Dream Quirk 8/27/08

After the great race, in which I assume I was a contender. A stadium emptied of cheering crowds which I will assume were there maybe an hour before. Now though it was simply a stadium of various pools. A dim light shone clearly on the now silent pools. In which I assume maybe even an hour before were full of zealous athletes. I now stood on a platform above it all, reflecting on the event that took place earlier. From behind me a woman tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the rectangular pool in the middle of the now seemingly empty stadium."Go there and swim with the red fish." I looked over my shoulder and she looked at me with anticipation. From then I remember expecting a cold shock upon entering the seemingly vacant pool but instead the water was warm and clear. Swimming along side of me was a brilliant red fish indeed! Its fins were long and ribbonlike and dreamily floated and fluttered at the bottom of the pool. I saw the twinkle of coins, wishing fountain coins, I blew on a pile of them and they floated and scattered then settled again. I had spent my last reserved breath on those coins and made for the surface. All on a sudden the pool was alive with middle aged men swimming(clothed) all around. I wasn't startled at this it seemed a natural transition as in dreams. My head could not break the surface! No fear or concern, it seems I was waiting for a push to continue. And in such form, a push came from a fellow swimmer. With the palm of his hand he pushed the bottoms of my feet and I broke the surface, calmly swam to the edge of the pool and lifted myself out onto a deck. A deck that was overly populated by babies? Yes, smiling,crawling,sleeping quiet babies. Like beached seals by the hundreds they slept in bassonets, on towels, cribs or on the deck itself. I walk with quiet wonder carefully around. There where some mothers feeding or changing diapers. One baby girl dressed all in white sat in a white high chair as if on duty. She smiled and waved at me with tiny fingers and then I awoke.